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  • 22nd June
  • 22

Clean Eating: Day Seven - Fogerty and Buffett

The day started off normal, good breakfast, pool time with the beau, leftovers from yesterday’s spectacular crock pot clean eating. Then we got to Toyota Stadium for the Jimmy Buffett concert with John Fogerty opening (huge, spectacular surprise for me), and things fell apart. Actually, I shouldn’t say they fell apart, because I made a conscious decision to enjoy the snack splendor that the tailgate hosts had provided. To be honest, I indulged far less than I’d have done a week ago, when I’d probably have binged to the point of feeling the need to be rolled into the stadium. Plus, the Goldfish were whole grain, so we’re all good, right? Kidding.

I split a cheeseburger (in paradise) with Austin during the tailgate, then enjoyed a personal pizza between Fogerty and Buffett. When I get home after rocking my face off to some of my childhood CCR favorites and enjoying the general merriment that is Parrothead world, I had the most massive heartburn I’ve ever experienced. Not to mention terrible stomach pains. The heartburn actually persist in small form as I type this. Amazing how much my body can change in the way it processes food after a mostly clean week. Lesson learned! I’ve had small indulgences throughout the week, and that’s okay. Going full on cheat ain’t gonna cut it anymore.

  • 21st June
  • 21

Clean Eating: Day Six - Hitting the Crock Pot

Click here for Austin’s new favorite Meg meal. It is, quite frankly, one of my favorites, too. Plus, it was mostly done in the crock pot. Score! 

I’m not where I’d like to be for the big day (probably never will be, especially when I can’t run or climb), but World Cup without beer just isn’t worth it. I also have to admit a slip up in snacking at night. While Austin and I were putting the finishing touches on our clean dinner, I had some pretzels with spreadable cheese (NOT Cheez-Whiz) and regretted it almost instantly. It gave me less room to enjoy our fabulous dinner, and I felt overfull the rest of the night. Lesson learned!

  • 20th June
  • 20

Clean Eating: Day Five - Date night with Laura

Ate clean. Drank wine. Drank bubbles. Had another piece of cheesecake (it’s still not gone). Watched the Duggars. Hotty Toddy, the Rebels won! Great night, another great day with minimal cravings for junk food. Obviously I had cheesecake, but life’s too short to be perfect, right?


  • 19th June
  • 19

Clean Eating: Day Four - The Battle of Comfort Food

I had a bad day yesterday. Nothing worth rehashing, but I found my automatic thoughts going to mashed potatoes and a Wendy’s Son of Baconator for comfort. Luckily, the craving wasn’t really there. I consider that massive progress in my behavior and routine in a short week. Also, knowing the few of you who read my blog are there to hold me accountable was certainly on my mind as well. Thanks, accountabilibuddies! That is why I write this blog.

Plus, I’ve lost FOUR pounds from Sunday morning’s weigh-in until today’s! I’m sure there is some other explanation in addition to clean eating for such a dramatic weight loss, but I’m still counting it and adding it to my motivation bank.

Short post today. Really pleased with my progress. Tomorrow night is date night with my Laura, so some wine might be involved, and that’s more than okay!

  • 18th June
  • 18

Clean Eating: Day Three - I ate cheesecake

And it was gooooood. I ate cheesecake because I paid a lot (a lot) of money for two beautiful Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes for Austin’s Dirty Thirty and, quite candidly, I have no intention of letting those bad boys mold in our refrigerator.

Otherwise, another smashing success today! I went to Kroger and had a trolley full of clean choices, from which I made beautiful clean bacon-wrapped stuffed chicken with salad and sweet potato fries for dinner! (See photo below. First time using the Dutch oven!)

Lunch was, yet again, my tuna noodle salad. I’m loving not having to think about what I’m having for lunch every morning. It’s so good, I’m not bothered in the slightest by not having variety each noontime. I bought some grapes, cherries, apples, and carrots, so those will be lovely sides. I also have some more popping corn, great for mid-day and evening snacking.

Breakfast continues to be Odwalla all the way, and I’m always working to increase my water intake. Snacking seems to have decreased naturally; I don’t have the constant urge to be eating all throughout the night as I had been doing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still snacking. It’s just decreased. Speaking of snacking, string cheese is a gift from the Good Lord above and somehow is magically clean. Yes.

Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Chicken. Coincidentally, also today’s recipe:


  • 17th June
  • 17

Clean Eating: Day Two - It’s USA v Ghana!


I must admit, I just had a conversation with a friend about planning mine and Austin’s procreation schedule around World Cup 2018. This meaning, I want to be able to enjoy some malt, barley, hops and water when I’m watching the world’s sport on the world’s biggest stage.

Today was another massive success as related to clean eating. Drinking, not so much. Enter beer. American beer. Texan beer, if we are being precise. Because America played an amazing Ghanaian team in the World Cup and WON! I speculated to my dear friend, dmitch, as we sat pre-match at Capitol Pub that America would go down 3-1 in this opener. I can’t tell you the elation I felt to be proven wrong. All throughout the match I enjoyed the lovely Lakewood Vienna Lager as I cheered on our boys in Red, White and Blue.

Back to the real purpose of this blog, my clean eating attempts. As I said, I was brilliantly successful all day once again, besides the numerous unclean calories I consumed in my beer intake. It was day 2 of the tuna noodle salad for lunch, and it was just as amazing as the first time I tasted it. I’ll have it again tomorrow and love it all the same, I’m certain. I also enjoyed another lovely Odwalla for breakfast; today’s was Original Superfood. Yum!

The ulterior motive to me choosing Capitol Pub for the event, besides the fact it’s close to my house and had a higher probability of finding seating than a Henderson Tap House or Londoner, was so I could get my all-time favorite salad: Warm Goat Cheese Salad with dried cherries and walnuts. The cheese is rolled in herbs and panko, which I do not imagine is whole grain, so I suppose it wasn’t entirely clean. Oops. I guess I lied earlier. The salad comes with a strawberry vinaigrette, but I always pass on that. I had some light snacking on raisins and cashews when I got home from the match, as well as some water to balance out some hydration.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty darn good about myself in mostly eating clean for 2 straight days. Those of you who truly know my eating habits know this is a major accomplishment in my life. The countdown to the wedding rolls on, and hopefully, so does the countdown of my waistline!

Warm Goat Cheese Salad and Lakewood Vienne Lager at Capitol Pub

That pizza in the background is dmitch’s. I did not partake!

  • 16th June
  • 16

Clean Eating: Day One 100%!

I am now attempting to be one of “those” people. You know the type, the ones who post about the healthy stuff they (try to) eat. “Try to,” being the operative phrase in my case. I have a legitimate, potentially diagnosable though not as yet diagnosed case of compulsive eating, coupled with my recent massive trauma to my every tendon and ligament in my left ankle due to a rock climbing injury, which has left my midsection less than desirable, especially considering my upcoming nuptials on July 19. If I can’t stop myself from eating (for now), I may as well attempt to improve the quality of what goes in my mouth. (Double entendre jokes, aside.)

Yesterday was an utter success, everything on my menu being from a google- or Pinterest-approved clean eating blog. Most notably, the tuna noodle salad I made Sunday that made enough for 5 days of lunch. Mmm… Highlight of my work day, I can tell y’all that.

Stayed tuned for updates on my goal to decrease my midsection and improve my overall tone to look smoking hot in that certain Vera Wang gown that awaits me in Louisville.

Special thanks to Kasey Hammel, who is my clean eating guru!

Today’s recipe: Clean Eating Tuna Pasta Salad
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